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What is Business Market Data

Business data is an integral part of growing your enterprise. After all, this is the information your organization uses to make executive decisions, streamline marketing campaigns, and develop winning ideas that increase overall growth.

GISBanker, offers a GIS Business Market Analysis and segmentation, which provides clear insight into the business market composition in the market in which you compete through a Firmographic Analysis

For Financial institutions it begins at the branch level and includes:

  • 1. Complete business profile based on third-party data sources,
  • 2. Your institutions market share by industry,
  • 3. Each branches primary service area,
  • 4. Competition,
  • 5. Gaps in your marketing area and opportunities.
  • Benefits of Business Market Analysis

    As a result, institutions are able to target their best prospects and not waste their marketing and advertising resources. Our GIS also helps financial institutions to fulfill some compliance requirements for CRA and HMDA.

    Integrated tracking systems Trade Area Map

    GISBanker has a team of experienced GIS professionals who are ready to assist you in identifying, analyzing and acting on the strategic utilization of geo-data. GIS enables you to fully understand the dynamics of the geographic markets you serve and address the strategies and programs necessary to leverage your position in the market.

    Our goal is to help you ensure your marketing efforts are maximizing ROI and building profitable relationships with the right customers. We do this by helping you transform data into actionable insights, providing essential tools and services to improve your marketing performance through data based insights. These form the foundation that will help you resonate with your customers and prospects.

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    • 4. OCC - The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) released a final rule strengthening and modernizing the agency’s regulations under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

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