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Market Analysis


Increased competition forces bankers to understand their market area potential attractiveness of the area and industry trends within the area based on: Target customers for cross-sell opportunities HMDA and CRA Small Business loan trends Competition Business distributions by SIC and Sales Volumes Deposit trends Customer Profiles and service utilization and potential by branch Integrated Tracking Systems can create a detailed analysis for each of your branches or a select group, the information can be packaged in a way most useful to your branch banking professional. This information will empower them to: Target customers for cross - sell Improve Sales of low performing, high potential products and services Develop effective branch - level direct marketing Assess competitors' impact on the market and their customer base

The market diagnostic package includes:
Population Profiles: Demographic, household, and family characteristics of our market's consumers
Business Profiles: Characteristics of your market's workers and businesses
Product potential: Define the potential of the market area based on your customer characteristics and the market area characteristics - for deposits or loans
Distribution System & Network Coverage: Define the natural trade areas for each branch based on the proximity of customers to the branch - for both deposits and loans
Competitive Study: Analyses of your market's competitive structure and dynamics with key share and share-of-wallet measures highlighted
Customer Profiles: Evaluation of your institution's - specific trends related to household profitability, service and delivery channel usage, cross-sell success and relationship growth

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