Geo coding all loans, deposits and denials as well as inclusion of your CRA loan register. For more informationregarding geo coding click here.
Complete breakdown of accounts by type and 'new' loans versus total loans.
Detailed evaluation of your assessment area definition
Analysis of percent of loans within the assessment area versus outside the assessment area
Loan dispersion analysis number of tracts with loans and without for new loans versus total loans as well as analysis of loan dispersion by income classification of the census tract.
Loan distribution analysis detailing the distribution of loans among low, moderate, middle and high income defined tracts within the assessment area.
Conspicuous gap analysis detailed examination of the areas, which form conspicuous gaps within the assessment area
Market shared data based on FFIEC HMDA LARS or CRA Small Business Loan data.
Written executive summary - color charts, summary tables and easy to understand write-ups explaining the geo analysis results and what they mean to you
Color coded maps showing - defied assessment area, median family income classification of tracts, loan distribution, loan dispersion and conspicuous gaps within the assessment area, loan distribution by loan type.
Detailed tabular reports showing:
  • Account distribution by type by tract
  • Account distribution by income classification of the tract
  • Demographic Profile of the tracts
  • Federal designations: CRA/NMTC eligibility, CDFI and Economic Empowerment Areas.
  • Income: Household, Family, and Area Median incomes; Poverty levels.
  • Lending Data: Mortgage and Small Business lending data, segmented by race where available.
  • Housing Statistics: Home values, housing stock, homeownership rates, and vacant residential properties.
  • Demographics: Population, Families, Race, Ethnicity, Age, and Gender.
Business Composition by SIC and Annual Sales

GISBanker provides a comprehensive and easy to understand geo analysis package for CRA compliance - at a very affordable price!

CRA Defined

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), enacted in 1977, requires the Federal Reserve and other federal banking regulators to encourage financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they do business, including low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. (Reference Federal Reserve)

For CRA Compliance

We use the latest census boundaries and census demographic data, combined with your account deposit and loan base data, we conduct a comprehensive analysis for your institutions.

Our analysis is used frequently as a supplemental analysis for marketing, strategic planning and business development programs. The results can fine tune your Bank's direct marketing efforts by assisting in development of highly targeted direct marketing. All of this information leads to the development of a Performance Context, which outlines, for the regulator, information that can serve as a guideline for evaluation your Bank in its unique situation and market.

GISBanker is a premier provider of GIS Mapping Solutions, Analysis, Segmentation and Data Enhancement for financial institutions. One of the key areas we help institutions is in CRA and UDAP compliance. We also offer several free data set to help you get started in mapping your data and extending your analysis.

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