Community Development Financial Institutions - Data for CRA and GIS


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Use this CDFI location data to help in CRA compliance though community development. Visualize where the CDFI's are located within your market. They can be resource for you.

Community development is defined in the CRA regulations to include (1) affordable housing (including multi-family rental housing) for low- or moderate-income individuals; (2) community services targeted to low- or moderate-income individuals; (3) promotion of economic development by financing or investing in small businesses or farms; (4) revitalization and stabilization of low- or moderate-income geographies or underserved and distressed middleincome geographies; (5) community development activities that revitalize or stabilize federally designated major disaster areas; and (6) eligible activities that support areas designated under the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which targets communities with high foreclosure levels.

U.S. CDFI Locations

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CDFI Location data is based on a US Treasury CDFI database.

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