Customer Data Enhancements


ITS- Integrated Tracking Systems knows you can achieve more Effective Marketing with a Data-driven Solutions. Let Us Show You. Since 1983, ITS- Integrated Tracking Systems has been a trusted source of unique and differentiated data that yields actionable insights and drives revenue. Through persistent innovation, we have evolved into an insights, analytics and technology leader.

ITS helps you enhance, synthesize and activate customer data, turn complex insights into an understanding of customer needs, personalize the customer experience with the right messages in the right channels, and meaningfully measure performance to optimize marketing spend and customer value.

We carefully analyze the market segments defined through the data enhancement and their relationship to specific products and services. This chart is an example, showing a 93% correlation between discretionary income and geographic location and a particular target market segment. The target market segment, Prudent Professional J51, that was highly correlated to a specific account offering offered by the institution.

Example - Target Market Segment

This market segment (Prudent Professionals) is generally college-educated; these families have their budgets in check. They have relatively low discretionary spending compared to their incomes. Although they carry a high number of lines of credit, they have low credit utilization. They are mostly on-line bankers and generally do not find the stock market to be too risky. Their Vantage Scores are usually higher than the national average.

As an example, this segment is ideal for an institution with a focus on equity lines of credit, Internet banking and credit cards.

Example - Target Market Segment

We want to be your ally in increasing Marketing ROI and helping ensure you’re building profitable relationships with the right customers, and helping you increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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