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Casino Player Data Enhancement and Market Segmentation


ITS (ITS- Integrated Tracking Systems) provides player data enhancement and market segmentation analysis that allows casinos to define, target, and generate lists of non-players – at the household level.

Additionally, we can target existing players that represent the potential for additional revenue for the casino by developing specific and personalized communications with the player. Think of the opportunity to acquire a larger share of the market from your competitors! .

Integrated tracking systems GIS

Our analysis and data enhancement will help you produce a laser-focused approach to targeted marketing by:

1. Recognize key market segments that match specific player profiles,

2. Identify market gaps that represent opportunities, and

3. Create a file of non-players to market too.

There are over 71 unique market segments that can be assigned to a customer. One key field included in our analysis is discretionary income. Discretionary income represents money to be spent on non-essentials.

The following map summarizes a casino's player distribution by reward status and specific players who could be developed for reward status upgrade based on their market segment definition, discretionary income, plus additional GIS characteristics. Their player segment profiles match the higher level "platinum" player market segment, but they have not utilized the casino enough the earn that reward status. This the opportunity to develop one-on-one communications to encourage them to utilization your casino versus your competition.

GIS Based Customer Analytics - GIS can help answer questions like: Where are players located, by reward status? What are their characteristics (market segmentation) versus the classification of the neighborhoods? Where are the market segments clusters or Hot-Spots to target specific areas with desirable players and non-players.

Competitive Analysis -

Define GAPs based on the players frequency by neighborhood and market segment, which are not being served.

Define Primary Service Areas or Trade Areas - GIS allows casinos to understand and define an “effective” service area the casino, based on a variety of factors including: distance to the casino for any player and the drive time – To calculate the effective drive time, GIS looks at traffic patterns, traffic counts and speed limits for a location to calculate drive times. Location analytics provides information about issues of convenience for different market segments. It also can produce a wide variety of information about the demographics, target market segments at the neighborhood level.

For an info-graphic on the Casino Player Development Process Click Here

These are just few examples of the application of GIS and casino analytics. For more information click here to contact us today!