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OFAC and watch list Compliance

The BSA Tracker is an affordable option for you to consider. It offers a fully integrated OFAC at no charge; Features include:

  1. A real reduction in false positives.
  2. Search scoring can be customized by the financial institution, and not just what the “OFAC” Vendor thinks it should be. One size should not fit all.
  3. Easy to review, and clear
  4. When scrubbing the nightly database, the BSA Tracker OFAC scrubs eliminate unnecessary hits - such as for non-members who might have cashed a check, months ago. One time scrubs are just that, one time.
  5. Necessary ongoing scrubs for non-members can be easily set up in the Vendor/Non-Member tables
  6. Quick connection to conduct a search available for all departments in the credit union.
  7. NO data subscription required, it is an integrated part of the BSA Tracker allowing you to scan:
    1. Any member or Transactor
    2. Any database that needs to be scanned like: Vendors or beneficial owners or wire tables or payees for monetary instruments etc.
  8. Every time the OFAC process is started, it will automatically update from the Treasury SDN Consolidated Lists by going directly to the Treasury Department to get the most current lists
  9. Finally, the BSA Tracker is so easy to use.