Legal Process Workshop

The Legal Process Workshop enables BSA Tracking System users to monitor legal documents and requests: due dates, persons responsible for the tasks and the produce an electronic file or one integrated document instead of photo copying all of the documents and responding to the subpoena with a box of paper - you just saved your bank a lot of money in terms of time and expense by utilizing the BSA Tracking System’s Case Management functionality.

The Legal Process Workshop (LPW) integrates throughout the BSA Tracking System:

  1. the customer/member Workshop,
  2. the SAR Workshop and
  3. the Request Letter Workshop
  4. the Print Complete customer/member Profile.

Institutions use the Legal Process Workshop (LPW) to manage/track:

  • garnishments,
  • levies,
  • subpoenas and
  • summons,

BSA investigators will automatically know if a customer/member has LPW activity for a more comprehensive investigator knowledge and insight about the customer/member. This in turn transforms the demands of compliance from an operational burden to simply being an effective part of everyday business.

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