Investigator Workshop – Case Management

The Investigator Workshop (IVW) was designed to create a standardized and logical process for conducting investigations, which are generated through automated triggers or alerts.

This document reviews the general functionality of the IVW from start to finish for one specific investigation.

The IVW creates a logical investigator and investigation process, which can help:

  1. Streamline reporting
  2. Collaborate seamlessly
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Research all customer/member elements
  5. Create consistent documentation and write-ups

The IVW creates an easy to use work flow – that will allow you to standardize your investigative process – and because the BSA Tracker is the source record for all KYC/EDD and transactional data across all distribution channels and enterprises in the bank, it will save you time.

IVW provides a seamless interface to SAR’s and SAR management.
It also provides “second look” functionality.
PSAR – Potential SAR suspicious activity