Use GIS for Laser Focused Marketing and Planning


Use our customer data enhancement combined with precise customer geographic models and market data to improve and fine tune your marketing, business development and planning strategies.

You'll find geographic elements throughout your databases and business applications. The central part of most business decisions involves some part of geographic information. We use GIS analysis technology, combined with customer data enhancements and custom segmentation that will lead to improved profitability, increased response rates and improved targeting of both consumer and business customers.

GIS Analysis

Our statistical analysis is always unique to each client and creates custom market segmentation and customer rankings or scores. This helps provide:

  1. financial institutions with insight about customer's account utilizations
  2. financial access behavior (channel distribution), and
  3. needs for additional products or services or the
  4. opportunity for expansion into new areas.

As a result, financial institutions can target their best prospects and not waste their marketing and advertising resources.

A great example for targeting specific areas, for prospecting for new clients, can be achieved with a " Heat Map or Hot Spot Analysis".

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GIS analysis, in banking, allows financial institutions to partially fulfill compliance requirements for CRA and HMDA, fair lending analysis, disparate impact analysis and UDAP.

Integrated Tracking Systems is known for our Full Service GIS (geographic information systems) research, analysis and support.

The analysis and data enhancements we provide, enable financial institutions to understand the dynamics of the geographic markets they serve. This information could include:

  1. Current year and five year demographic estimates including population and housing data
  2. FDIC Deposit Market Share Reports Identify Deposit Market Share Reports provide information about the percentage of deposits that an FDIC-affiliated institution holds within a geographic area click here to learn more
  3. Business composition by SIC or NAICS, annual sales, minority owned business learn more Business Analysis for specific geographic areas click here to learn more
  4. CRA and HMDA loan applications
  5. Deposit and loan application data with customer data enhancements
  6. Financial Asset Holdings
  7. Geodemographic Segmentation
  8. Health Data and points of interest data
  9. CDFI Locations Identify CDFI locations click here to learn more
  10. Bank Branch and deposit share of market

Integrated Tracking Systems can assist in developing these understandings and addressing the strategies and programs necessary to leverage the institution's position in the market and to take full advantage of your market dynamics.

Our goal is provide services that can simultaneously increase your reach into your target markets while saving you time and money and improve your efficiency, all grounded on data. Using GIS technology, combined with years of experience, we help you develop a focused view of your markets based on the most current data.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:
Highly Targeted Marketing - learn more Trade Area Analysis and Site Analysis learn more
Compliance including CRA-HMDA learn more Branch deposit database analysis and Market Share statistics
CRA Small Business Lending & HMDA Geo Analysis learn more Market Area Diagnostics and Statistical Analysis combined with Customer Profiling

    Key Benefits
  • -Cost Effective
  • -Subject Matter Experts - in Compliance, Marketing and GIS
  • -Reliable as Expeditious
  • -Experienced

Make your decisions based on sound strategic framework using real data about your customers and your market. We are available for assistance in using GIS, GIS data files or provide more detailed analysis integrating multiple datasets to develop a comprehensive understanding, including easy to understand maps. Simply email us.

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