Consumer Economic Cluster Market Segments


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In today’s world, customer experience is king. If you are not providing a great experience, your customers will likely leave you for a competitor that is. Data-driven marketing solutions can help you customize the experience to achieve better customer engagement through the channels your customers prefer. Look to data-driven marketing solutions to help you develop targeted engagement strategies that can be executed consistently across channels.

One of our key strategic partners is Equifax.

We use Equifax to append customer records with critical household economic data including discretionary household income. Overall, there are 71 "Economic Cohorts" (market segments) with Key Indicators: Life stage, Income, Spending, and Credit. Each cluster will contain a Demographic Summary, Cluster Description, Economic Summary, Details Demographics Summary, Leisure and Interest Summary, Media Preferences, Attitude Summary, and Life Style Summaries.

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Our proprietary segmentation methodology will incorporate the Equifax Economic Clusters, combine it with in-depth geographic analysis, and target those market segments most likely to achieve your objectives. This can include cross-selling existing customers, identifying existing customers with the potential to increase sales and building lists of non-customers who meet the market segment profile and geographic location.

Market Segment using GIS Analysis

The following map is an example, after careful statistical analysis, correlating the market segment with account balance information and locational data and discretionary income data, shows the specific households of non-customers that are targets for this institution.

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