Example: 2018 CRA Business Loan Originations


Gain access to the most current CRA Small Business Loan Originations with ITS. Financial institutions can use this data to define and review the context and changes of their market for your regulators

We “integrate” customer and account data with enhanced market data for in-depth GIS-based analytics to help you understand who and where existing customers and potential customers are located.

The CRA Loan Originations, combined with a business database, allows the institution to understand what is the small business loan potential compared to the actual loan originations for the assessment area as well as for the institution. It will help to understand the geographic distribution of loans, the proportion of the bank's total loans made within its assessment area; how these loans are distributed among low-, moderate-, middle-, and upper-income geographies;

Example - 2018 CRA Small Business Lending

In this example, we offer the 2018 CRA Loan Origination data, by census tract, as part of our comprehensive analysis.

GIS software will allow your institutions to partially fulfill compliance requirements for CRA and HMDA. Including Importing deposit and loan data, HMDA LAR and CRA loan originations, other databases that can be kinked such as business data, distressed census tracts, planning areas unique to your markets, competitive data and locations, and more.

Integrated Tracking Systems is known for our Full Service GIS (geographic information systems) Support. We are available for assistance in using GIS, these files or provide more detailed analysis integrating multiple datasets to develop a comprehensive understanding, including easy to understand maps.. Simply email us.

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